An Elephant Sanctuary in Texas!

Is visiting an elephant sanctuary on your bucket list?

You can bathe an elephant right here in Texas!

Elephant Sanctuary Texas

We typically head out to Texas wine country about once a month for an escape from the city and to taste some delicious hill country wines (our guide to Texas wine country has some recommendations for you!).

This trip we decided to add in the preserve elephants experience along with our typical wine-filled itinerary.

Since everyone is looking for some socially distant getaways and date ideas, we prepared a list of 40+ dates you can do at home or while social distancing.

As part of our research, we discovered The Preserve, a sanctuary that is home to five adorable elephants: Becky, Dixie, Rosie, Kitty and Tai.

Elephant Sanctuary Texas

During your visit to The Preserve Elephant Sanctuary, you’ll start by getting to know these magnificent animals who are protected and cared for by non-profit Hill County Elephant Preserve.

Your elephant preserve Texas ticket helps to pay for the food (these elephants collectively eat 1,000 pounds of food per day) and the care of these animals who were rescued from zoos.

Elephant Sanctuary Texas

During your visit you get to learn about Asian elephants, what makes them different from African elephants, and how environmental changes are impacting their population and other species. 

Elephant Sanctuary Texas-10

Next, you’ll watch an elephant get a bath as well as help scrub their back.

We think she loved our exfoliation treatment!

This Texas elephant sanctuary also provides a demonstration of how the animals are cared for, including their exercise and foot care routine.

Elephant Sanctuary Texas

Finally, you’ll get to see how the elephants are intellectually stimulated by watching the elephants paint!

How fun is that!?

The gift shop is full of canvases, t-shirts, and ornaments painted by one of the five Fredericksburg elephants that you can take home.

Elephant Sanctuary Texas

If you can’t make it to Northern Thailand to bathe elephants or an African safari to see them in the wild, head to the elephant preserve in Stonewall, Texas to get up close and personal with these protected animals.

The 90 minute elephant preserve experience is a memory you won’t soon forget!

Elephant Sanctuary Texas

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Texas Elephant Sanctuary - Day trip from Austin and San Antonio

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