Smoked Turkey Brine Recipe

A brine is vital when smoking your turkey, because the last thing you’ll want to end up with is a dry turkey after hours of smoking and waiting!

Gather Ingredients:  A 5 gallon bucket Water Morton salt cure  Worcestershire sauce Seasonall Bay leaves Black peppercorns

 Fill a 5 gallon bucket ⅓ of the way full with cool water.' Add in all ingredients and mix.

Submerge the turkey, top with additional water. Refrigerate for a minimum of 5 hours and up to 48 hours.

1-2 hours prior to cooking remove the turkey and rinse the inside and out with cold water.

Smoke the turkey as directed

No matter what time of year you’re cooking your turkey and using our smoked turkey brine we know we‘ll convert you for years to come - it's just that flavorful and juicy!

We promise, once you make your turkey with our wet brine you’ll never make a turkey without it!

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