Hot Chocolate Charcuterie Board

We’re suckers for a pretty spread so why not take your holiday sweets to the next level with a hot chocolate charcuterie board?!

If you’re making a hot cocoa charcuterie board, of course you need to start with some good homemade hot cocoa!

Start with a nice charcuterie board or a platter. We like to use a platter with raised sides since many of the hot cocoa bar items

add in accompaniments like: – Whipped cream – Chocolate Chips – Crushed candy canes – Shredded coconut – Homemade brownie bites – Pirouline cookie straws – Junior Mints – Gingerbread cookies – Meringue cookies – Peppermint coated almonds – White chocolate covered pretzels – Peppermint mini marshmallows

Another way to make your hot chocolate bar extra festive is to provide cute mugs!

now, have fun creating your hot chocolate creation!

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