Whole Foods Deals for Valentine’s Day

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We partnered up with Whole Foods Market to get a preview of some of the best deals they are offering for Valentine’s Day gifts. Obviously, we were going to get the scoop for you, as Whole Foods Market is even a frequent date location for us. Have a peek!

Chocolate covered strawberries

From Feb 12th through 14th, pick up a 6 pack of chocolate-dipped strawberries of $9.99.There is something so romantic about chocolate covered strawberries and they are one of our favorite desserts. Somehow when you try to make them at home, they never look as nice as they should. Save yourself some time and pick them up freshly made from Whole Foods Market.

Sparkling Wine

Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be complete without some good bubbles! Whole Foods Market has a terrific wine selection. Don’t forget that when you buy 6 or more bottles, you get a discount on your total wine purchase!

Two Dozen Roses

From February 7th through the 14th you can score a double dozen (aka 24 roses) for $24.99. As a bonus, the Amazon Prime member price is discounted to $19.99! The coupon is available at wfm.com/primeroses. This is a fantastic deal on flowers, especially when you compare the price to getting flowers delivered. Make it special for your sweetie by adding some additional eucalyptus to the bouquet and arranging them in a nice vase. Whole Food Market flowers also help to give back to communities worldwide by supporting fair labor and restricting pesticide use with their flowers.

Sweetheart Cake

This adorable dessert is only $6.99 right now, discounted $3 from a regular price of $9.99 (offer goes through February 14th). Even if you decide to take your date out to eat, save the dessert course for your home. An easy option is this festive sweetheart cake, perfect for a chocolate-lover!

An Impressive Cheese Plate

The sour cherry spread and cherry rainforest crisps are both $1 off. They fit in with the Valentine’s Day theme and pair really well with a wedge of double cream brie. Fill in your plate with these super addicting truffle marcona almonds and snack away!

You might want to pick up some groceries while you are there in order to make a romantic meal at home. If so, we recommend our red wine Italian braised lamb shanks, a nice filet mignon, or maybe even a homemade pizza with a prosciutto rose!

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