Gifts for Foodies: 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

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How the heck is it already December?!? This year has flown by! December is going to be a crazy month for us as Karen is still healing up from ankle surgery this fall and we are heading to Iceland on December 11th (stay tuned for a future travel guide)! Knowing everything that is going on, we love reading blogs with holiday gift ideas. It is a terrific way to discover a new company or product that you may have never heard of. To help out all of YOU, we put together some holiday gift ideas that a foodie or home cook would love.

Here are some holiday gift ideas for foodies:

Kalorik Perfect Sear Pressure Cooker aka “instapot”: 

Smart cookers have been the rage for the last year or two and we are a little bit behind on this bandwagon. We finally got a “instapot” this year as a way to help create easier recipes for all of you. These cookers are brilliant because they combine the power of a pressure cooker with the convenience of a slow cooker. This allows you to set-it-and-forget-it all while creating delicious meals in this one-pot-wonder. I guess it is time for us to throw away our antique pressure cooker from 1965 now…

Kalorik Personal Air Fryer:

While checking out Kalorik’s Smart Cooker online (they have a ton of kitchen appliances and products) the personal air fryer also caught our eye. Since Karen broke her ankle we have been much less active and seriously need to start a healthy eating plan (after the holidays, right?!?). This air fryer allows you to get the results of crispy and delicious deep-fried food with like 90% less oil. We were pretty impressed with the results. When making French fries this week, we simply scrubbed and sliced the spuds, soaked them in cold water for about 30 minutes, then tossed them in only ½ teaspoon of olive oil before popping them into the air fryer. In no time at all, we had crispy fries! Make things from scratch or use frozen foods that you’d normally drop in a fryer. Up next? Fried chicken!

Gel Pro Kitchen Mat:

If you didn’t already know, we moved into a new house earlier this year in our favorite neighborhood in Austin, TX. Of all of the new things we put in our house this year, we think that our Gel Pro Mat had us the most excited. Karen grew up with her family having one in their kitchen and we were overjoyed to find out how many colors and patterns they now have. The squishy mat is a lifesaver for tired feet when spending lot of time cooking, cleaning, or in our case photoshooting in the kitchen. This is a terrific, practical gift that will be used every single day for years to come. We also included Gel Pro Mats in our 5 Essentials You’re Missing From Your Kitchen roundup. Take a peek at that article for additional gift ideas too!

Perfect Bake PRO Scale:

A digital scale has been something on our gift list for years. We don’t bake as often as we cook, but we definitely know that kitchen scales can make a big difference in your results when making specialty desserts (we’ve been dying to make macarons from scratch for quite some time now). What’s super cool about the perfect bake scale is that it can be used as a standalone scale or it can be connected to their app to help you walk through specific recipes. Check out how cool this video is:

Traeger Grill and Smoker:

 If you are looking for a bigger-ticket item for a gift, we need to recommend a Traeger grill. After moving into our house and looking at our teeny-tiny backyard, we wanted both a grill and a smoker but didn’t have room for both. Traeger was the perfect solution as it does both. The pellet-controlled smoker makes smoking meats a chinch. All you need to do is add the wood pellets, set the temp, and fire it up. We love making smoked ribs and even smoked cobblers on our Traeger. Prices vary based on model and size.

Heritage Distilling Advent Calendar:

We got this advent calendar last year after stumbling across it online. We love it so much that we wanted to add it to this gift guide as well. Each day, you get to open a square to reveal a mini shot from Heritage Distilling. You could find anything from their honeysuckle-flavored vodka to our favorite, the brown sugar bourbon. It is the perfect gift for a host or friend and is absolutely a white elephant gift that people will be fighting over. Because let’s be real, how can you survive the chaos of the holiday season without a little booze?? $49

Guzzle Buddy:

This unique gift is PERFECT for any wine lover. Simply screw the Guzzle Buddy to the top of any wine bottle and you instantly have a perfect “single-serving” glass of wine! The Guzzle Buddy has been creating a lot of buzz after going viral this fall. This is a perfect stocking stuffer or gift for a wine-obsessed friend, but we are selfishly keeping ours for ourselves. It also comes in a beer version for all the beer fanatics too!

There you have it! Here are some new products that we’ve been crushing on that would make terrific holiday gifts for the foodies in your life. Still need more ideas? Take a look at our past gift round ups!

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