The Best Meat for Burgers, our Omaha Steaks Burger Taste Test

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What’s the best meat for burgers, and can we even tell the difference?

We spent our Memorial Day testing that out.

Omaha Steaks offers fifteen types of burger patties, from beef, to pork, to veggie. In the beef category alone, there are nine types of beef patties.

We decided to hold a blind taste test for five different kinds of Omaha Steaks beef burgers: Signature, Ground Beef Rib, Ground Tenderloin, Ground Brisket, and Wagyu.

Here is what we found out.

To construct this experiment, we labeled five different kinds of beef patties numbers one through five.

All patties were seasoned with salt and pepper and cooked for the same amount of time, to a perfect medium doneness. We taste tested the burger patties on their own and four judges gave a score of 1-10 to each burger patty.

Yeah, as you can see, we took this burger patty experiment very seriously. Or should we say sear-iously?!?

We also constructed each burger with cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion, and a brioche roll. This was only for consumption after the burger patty judging was complete.

We even made Omaha Steaks’ smokey bacon jam and sweet bourbon onions as an optional topper once the taste test was wrapped up.

Just simply pop the metal tins on the grill for 6-8 minutes to heat up the topper. It’s super easy and clean up is a breeze. We could’ve eaten the bacon jam by the spoonful, perhaps we did.

Our key learnings were that all the burgers were all delicious in their own right. You could absolutely taste the difference in flavor, fat content, and meat texture.

Here are our rankings from our burger patty cook off.

Fifth Place: Signature Burger

This was a solid, traditional burger. The judges described the Signature burger, also known as Burger 1, as meaty, salty, and a coarser grind.

Gavin even noted this burger as a “standard, good ‘ol burger”.

At $24.99 for 8 patties, this is a value burger than can be enjoyed regularly, even though it’s made with a blend of beef rib and brisket!

Fourth Place: Ground Brisket

The brisket burger was the forth burger we tasted.

Also noted with a meaty profile, this burger brought a unique beef flavor profile.

While it didn’t quite taste like a hunk of smoked brisket, Gavin was still able to determine that this patty was indeed made of brisket meat! $29.99 for 8 patties.

Third Place: Ground Beef Rib Delmonico Burgers

We were really excited to try this patty.

f you’ve never seen a beef rib before, they basically look like you’re eating off of a dinosaur bone. You can find beef ribs at a number of Texas barbecue joints, but we’ve never seen it in burger form.

A single, smoked beef rib can cost between $25-$30 at a barbecue restaurant, so a taste of beef rib in burger form is a steal at $24.99 for a box of 8 patties.

The judges noted this burger patty to be tender, very clean, and with a good overall taste.

Second Place: Wagyu

This patty was a favorite of one our judges and a close second for other judges.

A patty of wagyu beef brings a unique, robust flavor with a good salt and fat content. Omaha Steaks’ Wagyu patties are part of the Private Reserve line, so it’s a bit more expensive to experience this rare meat.

American angus is mixed with wagyu trimmings that have been aged for at least 28 days.

They sure are tasty, so you’ll absolutely want to order these for special occasions, or anytime you have a craving for wagyu. $49.99 for 8 patties.

First Place: Filet Mignon Burgers

The burger patties made of tenderloin, aka filet mignon, soared as a judges favorite with a near perfect score.

The patties are “melt in your mouth” tender with lots of umami flavor. These burgers will make your mouth water!

At $34.99 per box of 8 patties, this is our new favorite burger. We’d much rather grill these filet mignon burgers at home than spend money on a subpar, expensive cheeseburger at a restaurant.

All in all, the true winners of the competition were the judges! We enjoyed all of the burgers and appreciated the unique flavor profiles each of the cuts of meat provided.

This post was created in sponsorship with Omaha Steaks. Thanks for supporting brands that we love.

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