Sober date ideas for couples.

130+ Sober Date Ideas (That Are Actually Fun)

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We’ve added even more alcohol-free dates to our previous list of sober date ideas.

Every once in a while, we make a healthy eating plan that excludes alcohol from our diet. 

If you’re on a fitness kick, are currently expecting a little one (congrats!), are underage, trying to get through dry January, or just don’t drink at all, this list of date ideas will keep you entertained. 

Sober date night ideas for couples.

These sober date night activities are a great way to have fun together without hitting the bottle, saving you money, calories, and a hangover.

The most important part of the date is spending quality time, getting to know each other on a deeper level, and even taking a step back down memory lane.

Sober date night horseback riding.

You can still have a good time without liquid courage with these sober date nights.

Many of the activities are a lot of fun on their own, but feel free to add in a mocktail or bring some non-alcoholic beverages during your dry dating.

Whether it is your first date, second date, or millionth date, there is something for everyone in this list.

Some of the sober date night ideas are seasonal, some are outdoor activities, but all are a great time.

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Sober date night at the zoo for dry january.

Romantic and Fun Sober Date Night Ideas

  1. Snuggle up at the drive-in movie.
  2. Challenge your partner to a round of mini golf.
  3. Share a belly laugh at a comedy show.
  4. Partake in a match of ping pong.
  5. Take a cooking class together.
  6. Go on a local food tour.
  7. Enjoy a beautiful day while playing disc golf.
  8. Chill out ice skating.
  9. Learn improv together.
  10. Roller skate at the local roller rink.
  11. Be a Lumberjack or Jill at an axe throwing center.
  12. Sweat it out in a fitness class together.
  13. Take in a double feature at the movie theater.
  14. Watch the sunset at a scenic overlook.
  15. Cheer on the home team at a local college game.
  16. Experience an olive oil tasting.
  17. Head to the theater.
  18. Listen to live music.
  19. Play a game of billiards.
  20. Gamble at a local casino or card room.
  21. Enjoy the day at a minor league baseball game.
  22. Sing your hearts out at karaoke.
  23. Challenge your boo to a board game at game night. 
  24. Head to a hockey game.
  25. Challenge your partner to a round or two of pinball.
  26. Go to your local history museum.
  27. Feel like kid again at laser tag.
  28.  Animal lover? Marvel at the cute animals at the zoo.
  29. Rent a kayak on a local waterway.
  30. Check out each other’s tooshies while indoor rock climbing.
  31. Learn some new moves at a dance class.
  32. Try out indoor skydiving.
  33. Get crafty at a local craft room.
  34. Bounce into a trampoline park.
  35. Cool off together in a swimming pool.
  36. Daydream on a home tour.
  37. Race your mate while go karting.
  38. Listen to a concert in the park.
  39. Rent a paddle board and hit the water.
  40. Curl up with a free movie in the park.
  41. Hunt for treasure at a garage sale.
  42. Take a romantic paddle boat ride.
  43. Whack some balls at the driving range.
  44. Test your knowledge at trivia night.
  45. Press your luck at bingo.
  46. Volunteer together.
  47.  Stroll and sample at the local farmers market.
  48.  Head to a high school football game.
  49. Relax with a couple’s spa day.
  50. Run a race.
  51. Get spooked at a haunted house.
  52. Take an art class together.
  53. Solve some puzzles at an escape room.
  54. Take a swing a Top Golf.
  55. Get cheesy at a cheese pairing class.
  56. Cuddle up on a hayride.
  57. Learn to row together.
  58. Go to a magic show.
  59. Hit the water with a pontoon or speedboat rental.
  60. Take in the view zip lining.
  61. Head to a romantic restaurant to watch the sunset.
  62. Tube the river together.
  63. Pull up a blanket to watch fireworks.
  64. Bring your boo boxing.
  65. Try a jewelry making class.
  66. Go to a food festival or check out a new food truck.
  67. Challenge each other to a water balloon fight.
  68. Rent a bike and go for a ride by the water.
  69. Try a new cuisine together.
  70. Drive a race car!
  71. Do Netflix and chill, right.
  72. Get tickets to the local symphony.
  73. Go to a cookie decorating class.
  74. Charter a boat cruise.
  75. View the twinkling holiday lights together.
  76. Attend a ballet.
  77. Pitch a tent at a local campground.
  78. Grab a burger at a tailgate.
  79. Find a weird museum or event.
  80. Try a parkour class.
  81. Go chasing waterfalls.
  82. Watch a PGA match together.
  83. Scope out the graffiti scene.
  84. Go on a picnic.
  85.  Take a hike together.
  86. Make it to first base at the batting cage.
  87. Go on a mural walk.
  88. Find a wacky attraction in your area.
  89. Cook a meal together and try a new recipe.
  90. Take a romantic stroll.
  91. Go antiquing.
  92. Take in a round of golf.
  93. Take a hotel or cottage staycation.
  94. Go on a romantic horseback ride.
  95. Scope out a sculpture garden.
  96. Take your partner fishing.
  97. Head to a local park to play some tennis.
  98. Go sailing!
  99. Take a trip to the orchid or berry farm.
  100. Take a bubble bath with your partner.
  101. Go to a pottery class.
  102. Make a splash at a waterpark.
  103. Have a scream at the amusement park.
  104. Make your own fragrance at a workshop.
  105. Get rowdy at the rodeo.
  106. Marvel at some ice sculptures.
  107. Head to the Carnival.
  108. Challenge your love to a game of darts.
  109. Swap out a glass of wine for a cup of coffee and to relax together with a coffee date.
  110. Challenge each other to a game of paintball.
  111. Get artsy + garden.
  112. Stargaze!
  113. Take in the view in a hot air balloon.
  114. Take your mate two-stepping or try other dance lessons.
  115. Rent a motorcycle and cruise to your favorite spot.
  116. Hang ten while wakeboarding!
  117. Enjoy a campfire and smores.
  118. Try for a strike at a bowling alley.
  119. Share a giggle at goat yoga.
  120. Relax in the comfort of a horse-drawn carriage ride.
  121. Enjoy a treat together at an ice cream shop.
  122. Take a road trip together to a beautiful place.
  123. Enjoy the fresh air at local hot springs.
  124. If you’re the outdoorsy type, take a bike ride together on a nature trail.
  125. Visit a local botanical garden or wildflower preserve. 
  126. Go horseback riding together.
  127. Grab a camera and practice photography.
  128. Make mocktails together at home.
  129. Scope out an art gallery or other local museums.
  130. Visit a local beach and go sunbathing.
  131. Play a round of pickleball!

There you have it: over 130 sober date ideas! 

We will continue to add more great places that are alcohol-free and lots of fun in the future as well, so be sure to check back to this page for more inspiration.

Couple enjoying sober date ideas for dry January.

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