Fun things to do at home (and while social distancing)

Fun things to do at home (and while social distancing)

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We’re in an odd time right now and everyone is searching for things to do at home during this pandemic.

While the world is social distancing, it’s important that this stressful situation doesn’t create distance in your relationship.

Whether you are looking for things to do with your boyfriend at home or have been married 43 years, we put a list of 43 things for couples to do at home when bored.

Use this list to get through the pandemic quarantine. Once the world overcomes this virus, leverage our massive list of date ideas for free date nights, cheap dates, and splurge worthy couples activities.

We’re broken up our list of things for couples to do at home into fun activities, romantic ideas, and date nights that require social distancing. 

Fun things for couples to do at home

  1. Do a fitness video together via YouTube
  2. Challenge your boo to a board game
  3. Get crafty, consider making greetings for Cards Hospitalized for Kids
  4. Paint a masterpiece together
  5. Have a water balloon fight
  6. Try to finish a crossword puzzle together
  7. Netflix and chill
  8. Plant a garden
  9. Learn how to play an instrument together
  10. Sketch drawings of each other, laugh at the results
  11. Make a fort in your living room
  12. Craft some fancy cocktails, cheers!
  13. Have an indoor scavenger hunt
  14. Print out some free MadLibs and share a good chuckle
  15. Order some adult coloring books and go to town – this hilarious vulgar coloring book will have you releasing stress while quarantined

Romantic things to do at home

  1. Take a bubble bath together
  2. Have your own wine tasting at home, pick up a few bottles and sip away!
  3. Build a campfire and roast some s’mores
  4. Read a book to each other
  5. Play poker…or strip poker
  6. Give each other massages
  7. Couple’s facials – whip out the sheet masks!
  8. Learn how to dance together via a YouTube tutorial
  9. Stargaze!
  10. Write each other a poem
  11. Cook a meal together
  12. Bake a dessert
  13. Cuddle
  14. Carryout a date night kits from a local restaurant, here is Austin, Devil May Care has cocktails to go, appetizers, date night conversation starters and even a date night playlist in their take home kit!

Date ideas while social distancing

  1. Snuggle up at the drive-in
  2. Enjoy a beautiful day while playing disc golf
  3. Take a hike, hand in hand
  4. Practice photography together
  5. Play tennis at a park
  6. Watch the sunset at a scenic overlook
  7. Rent a kayak for two – or order the inflatable kayak we personally use!
  8. Go fishing
  9. Take a bike ride
  10. Go for a walk by a lake or river
  11. Watch a movie in the park
  12. Hit the water on a paddle board
  13. Pack a picnic and head to the park
  14. Pick berries, Sweet Berry Farm is still operating as their rows are automatically 6ft. apart.

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