Spicy Pickle Martini Recipe

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We are really diggin’ Hat Creek Provisions pickles these days! What sets them apart from other pickles, is they don’t use vinegar to preserve the cukes, they ferment them. This means the pickles are crisp, flavorful, and the brine is full of probiotics and electrolytes. This got us thinking, since electrolytes help with hangovers, why not make a “hair of the dog” martini?

We typically are not “martini-people”, but this cocktail is the real dill. Hat Creek makes two types of pickles, the regular and the spicy version. We love cocktails with a little heat, but if spice isn’t your thang, go ahead and use normal pickles.

The key to a good martini is to shake it really cold. So pack that shaker with ice!


  • ½ oz. brine from Hat Creek Spicy Pickles (or more or less, to taste)

  • 2 oz. vodka

  • ½ oz. dry vermouth

  • Pickle chip and dill for garnish

Mix all the ingredients together, shake it like a polaroid picture, and strain into a martini glass. The hardest step of this recipe is trying to not spill your martini while you walk with it. Why are those glasses so darn easy to spill?!?

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