A Chic, Ice Cream Sundae Bar for Adults

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An ice cream sundae party isn’t just for kids!

Recently, we hosted an ice cream social with some friends to prove just that. This ice cream bar uses premium Hudsonville Ice Cream, sophisticated toppings, and even alcoholic milkshakes!

Setting up your Sundae Bar

Hudsonville Ice Cream and whipped cream is best served on ice in galvanized serving tubs. These circular serving dishes fit six pints perfectly.

We offered a variety of our favorite Hudsonville Ice Cream flavors due to the size of the pints: Seaside Caramel, Traverse City Cherry Fudge, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Chocolate, Mint Chocolate Chip, and Mackinac Island Fudge.

We couldn’t resist two of the flavors in the 48oz. tub size, Strawberry Cheesecake and Deer Traxx (peanut butter cups with fudge, can you blame us??), and luckily these galvanized serving bins also fit two ice cream tubs with additional room to keep the whipped cream on ice.

Add ice cubes around the ice cream and it will help prevent your ice cream from getting too soft.

Order these cute squeeze bottles for caramel and hot fudge.

It’s outside, in the middle of the summer, in Texas, so we had no issue keeping the fudge warm!

If that’s not the case where you are, consider keeping these squeeze bottles in a tub of hot water or in a slow cooker, set to warm, with an inch of water in the crock pot.

To make clean up easy, we served our sundaes in clear cocktail cups.

These rimmed in rose gold, look fancy, but are still disposable.

They came in a kit with matching paper straws, metallic napkins, and even a rose gold runner.

Be sure to include ice cream cones for options for everyone. Snag an ice cream cone holder to display your cones in style.

The topping servers were our favorite part of the sundae bar.

We snagged these crystal dessert cups on amazon. For less than 20 bucks we got six adorable pieces of crystal that we will use for dessert and future entertaining.

They got SO many compliments! These crystal dishes might be our favorite Amazon deal yet.

Adding in tasteful ice cream party props like these photo booth props added decor and function for the party. Just stick them in between the pints of ice cream for a fun way to display some functional decor.

Ice Cream Sundae Toppings

For an ice cream sundae bar for sophisticated tastes, look for premium ingredients. We filled our crystal dessert cups with the following ice cream toppings:

  • Sweetened shaved coconut

  • Candied walnuts

  • English toffee bits

  • Artisan chocolate and butterscotch chips

  • Sliced fresh strawberries

  • Mini marshmallows

  • Pirouette cookie straws

  • Fleur de sel caramel sauce

  • Fudge

  • Whipped cream

  • Fresh mint

Add an Alcoholic Milkshake to Make it a Party

Creamy milkshakes are amazing, so why not spike them with a little booze?

Adding rum, whiskey, or even a porter beer is a great compliment to a milkshake.

We decided to make two different alcoholic milkshake cocktails: a tropical one and a chocolaty version.

Blending together pineapple rum, Hudsonville vanilla ice cream, drained crushed pineapple and a little bit of milk created an amazing shake.

Pineapple malts were Karen’s favorite treat growing up, and this brought back all the best childhood memories.

We topped this boozy milkshake with whipped cream and garnished them with shredded sweetened coconut and a cherry. To make clean up easy we used disposable champagne glasses to serve the shakes.

Our next alcoholic milkshake is for the ultimate chocoholic. A timeless combo of whiskey, Hudsonville chocolate ice cream, milk, walnuts, caramel sauce, and brownie bits.

Yep, throw that brownie in the blender too.

Garnish with whipped cream, caramel sauce, chocolate sprinkles, a piece of brownie, and a cherry.

It’s heavenly.

Discounted Ice Cream!

Are you digging this ice cream sundae bar? Hudsonville Ice Cream is based in the Midwest, but here in Texas, you can pick them up at Central Market.

Our treat to you? A $2 off coupon for any 48 oz. Hudsonville Ice Cream flavor AND a buy one, get one free pints coupon.

Be sure to check out Hudsonville’s Sweetest Summer Ever Sweepstakes. It’s your chance to win prizes each week throughout the entire sweepstakes this summer. You can even win a YEAR’S supply of ice cream or an awesome vacation package!

Click this link to access the Sweetest Summer Ever Sweepstakes.

We loooooved how the ice cream party set up turned out and the flavors were absolutely incredible.

To be honest, even if we aren’t hosting an ice cream party we will likely be whipping up those alcoholic milkshakes too! The best part of the evening, however, was spending quality time with friends.

Mondays are often thought of as the worst day of the week.

By hosting our sundae bar on a Monday night, we sweetened up everyone’s week. The sundae bar is an easy set up so you spend more time with your guests and no time cooking!

If you host your own party and use any of our ideas, be sure to tag us on social media as @coupleinthekitchen and we’ll share it with our foodie followers!

This ice cream sundae party was created in sponsorship with Hudsonville Ice Cream. Thanks for supporting brands that we love!

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