Attn: Foodies! Get your Recommendations on the Oros App

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This new recommendation app (which was created in Texas) officially launches today! As food and travel writers, we are ALWAYS doing research on what new spots are opening, what’s trending, and where we need to visit next. Sometimes gathering recommendations can be pretty easy, but other times (especially when we are visiting foreign countries) it’s hard to gather recommendations from friends and family. We usually do our research by going to a number of different sources: Yelp, Pinterest, Blogs, Facebook, and Instagram. Now that Oros has launched, we are excited to leverage this new app to crowdsource feedback and recommendations.

All you simply need to do is download the app, set your location, and ask a question. Users from all over the world can respond with their recommendations. All the responses are nicely organized in the thread, making it much easier to keep track of recommendations. You’ll even get push notifications as the responses come in.

We’re heading to London in a few weeks and used Oros to get tips on where to stay in the city. Within minutes we not only had recommendations for neighborhoods to target but also top hotels to check out.

We are going to be using the Oros app to help gather recommendations from all of YOU for future blog post round ups. This will help us discover new places so that we can share aggregated recommendations with all of you on our blog. PLus, you can put submit any other food or travel questions and we can help answer them for you.

For April, we want to know… where are your favorite brunch spots in Austin??

Download the Oros app (available for both iOS and Android), and look for our Oros post on Thursday, April 4th soliciting your recommendations. We will be gathering responses and will post them all online on our blog in May! Can’t wait to hear (and taste!) all of your favorites!

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