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Best Fredericksburg Tx Restaurants

January 9, 2021

We love venturing out to Texas wine country (so much so that we bought a Fredericksburg cottage that we rent out as a bed and breakfast – more details coming soon!), and visit so often we have eaten through many, many Fredericksburg restaurants!

While a number of years ago, people might argue that there were not very good restaurant offerings in Fredericksburg, we have been very impressed with some of the recent openings.

Where you used to find dated restaurants now you’ll find new hot spots with modern decor, talented chefs, and farm-to-table cuisine.

We curated our list of favorite Fredericksburg restaurants, based on recommendations:

Best Fredericksburg Restaurant for Coffee and Breakfast


We like to start our day at Vaudeville

This downtown Fredericksburg restaurant is part cafe, part boutique, and part art gallery.

Dine at the market on the bottom level then browse the high-end boutique on the main level. The top level features uncommon objects and a special events space.

We think this spot has the best coffee shop in Fredericksburg, complete with a great pastry selection. 

During the day you can also nosh on Vaudeville’s soups, salads, power bowls, or their special of the day.

Limited patio seating is available at the front of this gorgeous Fredericksburg building right on Main Street.

Best Fredericksburg Restaurants

Best Fredericksburg Restaurant for Special Occasions


We are big, big fans of Otto’s German Bistro.

We adore the cozy ambiance and upscale German comfort food of this restaurant close to Main Street.

You can’t dine at Otto’s without ordering the duck schnitzel. It’s a traditional German meal with a richer, gourmet twist. 

The duck schnitzel comes complete with käsespätzle. This cheesy rustic dumpling is similar to a pasta covered in cheese and is our all-time favorite German food. 

The dish is also served with cranberry marmalade and pickled peppers which offer an achicity to offset the rich entree.

Another notable dish is their Flammkuchen. Similar to a flatbread but coming from the German/French boarder, this appetizer is topped with crème fraiche, homemade gravlax, braised onions, arugula salad, and horseradish.

We appreciate that Otto’s leverages local farmers for their ingredients and has a great wine list.

Reservations are highly recommended as this is a very popular downtown Fredericksburg restaurant.

Best Fredericksburg Restaurants

Best Fredericksburg Restaurant for Lunch

Wild Hare Bistro

We stumbled upon Wild Hare Bistro this past summer right after they opened.

Finding dining that is open mid-day in Fredericksburg is a bit of a challenge. 

Most restaurants close at 2pm or 3pm to prepare for dinner service and honestly, Wild Hare Bistro was one of very few options available.

It was a blessing that the quirky hours of Hill Country Texas dining brought us to this spot.

Wild Hare Bistro is right on Main Street and offered terrific food.

We’re huge fans of their amazing wings that have been milk marinated and old school brined.

Psst.. we think there might be pickle juice in that brine! It created flavorful wings that were crispy and delicious.

This Fredericksburg restaurant on Main Street also offers tasty gourmet pizzas. 

Try the pink lady which features pink lady apples and a wine reduction or the white rabbit pizza which has a white sauce, gourmet mushrooms, and specialty cheese.

A friend of ours ordered a burger and it was massive, juicy, and full of flavor.

Wild Hare Bistro features their own wines, complete with a small wine tasting bar, as well as two featured local Fredericksburg wineries.

Best Fredericksburg Restaurant for Wine and Cheese

La Bergerie

What we love about La Bergerie is that it is a Fredericksburg restaurant but it feels like you’re transported to Europe.

Upon walking to La Bergerie, you’ll find a cute market with lots of wines.

Check in with the casher to be seated on an adorable twinkle-light-lined patio. 

You’ll enjoy some well-curated cheese or charcuterie plates while you order some interesting picks from their wine selection. All of their charcuterie is cured on-site with heritage Texas meats.

Where else can you find that?

La Bergerie is the perfect place for happy hour. Since it is right next to Ottos, you may want to start here before your reservation..

beer garden

Best German Fredericksburg Restaurant 

Altdorf Biergarten

While we typically would be cautious of a restaurant that serves up both German and TexMex food, we actually think Altdorf Beirgarten might be our favorite pick for traditional German food.

We love that they have a renovated building with a great patio right on Main Street in Downtown Fredericksburg.

We really love that they also have a live music calendar.

Even when we aren’t searching for German food, we head here for the patio, music, and beer.

(The German sausages and cabbage are just a bonus!).

Best Fredericksburg Restaurants

Best Fredericksburg Restaurant for Cocktails

Chase’s Place Cocktails + Kitchen

Heading to Chase’s Place is our favorite place in Fredericksburg for a nightcap or a great cocktail.

The deco furnishings are plush and cozy and transport you to the 1930s!

Chase’s Place has an incredible bar complete with a ladder to reach their wide liquor selection.

Chat with the bartender to get a craft cocktail customized to your palate.

Not a fan of cocktails? This Fredericksburg cocktail bar also offers a curated selection of local, Texas Hill Country wines (and even local cider beer)!

Chase’s Place also offers dinner and snacks. Try the pulled pork fries or the bacon wrapped quail to curb your appetite while you stay, you won’t want to leave!

If you’re already staying in Fredericksburg Tx, we hope this list was helpful in guiding you to some of the best Fredericksburg restaurants.

Best Fredericksburg Bakery

Pritzer Sweet Shop

The Pritzer Sweet Shop is a quaint little bakery right on Main Street.

They’re known for their sweet German pretzel, which is similar to a cinnamon twist, but we’re huge fans of their cookies!

Pritzer honestly bakes up the best cookies that we’ve ever tasted.

With fun cookie flavor combos like “cinnamon toast crunch cookie” or cookies with bacon inside, you’ll be delighted by their incentive offerings. 

Hours are limited, only opening at 11am on most days, so don’t plan on coming here for a breakfast pastry, but it’s a perfect sweet treat to stock up for your midday sweet tooth.

Fredericksburg Texas

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