Crush 2 Brunch Food Blogger Event!

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Most people ask us “how do you eat 7-9 dishes a day and not weigh 500 pounds?!?” In reality, we try to work out daily. It is a constant balance between burning calories and consuming calories. We are always looking to experience all sorts of fitness classes together. (I even convinced Gavin to try a barre class this month, it was pretty comical!). We were super exited to try out Crush fitness and decided to organize a Crush 2 Brunch event with all our food blogger friends.

Crush is modeled off of Barry’s Bootcamp, which I am pretty sure I read about in US Weekly as the way all those skinny celebs torch calories. Gavin and I like working out, but have hit a bit of a running rut after doing a 10 mile race last spring. The format of Crush Fitness is an alternating workout between treadmill intervals and weight/plio on the floor. 12 minutes treadmill, 12 minutes floor, 12 minutes treadmill, and a final 12 minutes on the floor. This workout was INTENSE, but the staff were super encouraging and pushed us to limits we didn’t think we could hit! It forced us to run at some pretty steep inclines, fast sprinting intervals, and even a bear crawl on the treadmill. The weight training seemed like a break compared to the treadmill workouts, but they were still a challenge and man, did we feel the positive effects of the weight training the next day.

We’ve been lucky enough to meet some amazing friends through food blogging and this was our first group workout. We know our buds can throw down on a pizza, but this was the first group workout that we have done together. I’ll tell you what, one of the easiest ways to become closer with your friends is to battle a challenging workout together. Leaving the workout, we all felt like warriors! We are so proud of our friends and their badass-ness and so thankful for Crush for putting together such a motivating and empowering workout session.

Oh, and in case you were wondering the answer is yes, after the workout, we ate all the things! The breakfast tacos from Hat Creek Burger Company were tasty and the tortillas were so fresh! We also enjoyed cocktails from Mighty Swell, Skull & Cakebones cupcakes, and healthy grub from Hat Creek Provisions (the best pickles we’ve ever tasted).

If you’re looking for a new and challenging workout to burn off all those foodie calories, check out Crush Fitness in Austin, TX!

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