Staying on a Private Island in Fiji

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The thought of owning a private island is the ultimate daydream.

While you may not be Richard Branson, you can rent your way to a private island experience at Viwa Island Resort on Viwa island in the country of Fiji.

Viwa resort is comprised of 11 adults-only bures. While there is a local village on the other side of the island, Viwa Resort is exclusively the only resort on the entire island.

We’d call that pretty private.

Getting to Viwa Island, Fiji

Once you arrive in Fiji, you’ll likely land in Nadi. There are two options to hop from island to island.

You can book a catamaran boat cruise ferry to bask in the sun while watching the waves as you travel to your destination.

Better yet, book a private seaplane for an experience of a lifetime above the brilliant turquoise waters and save time on your journey to the island.

We opted to book a seaplane with Turtle Airways. We hit a storm in the middle of the short flight and had quite the adventurous journey. You can catch a play by play in our Fiji instagram story highlight.

Viwa Island Resort Accommodations

We stayed in a bure, a traditional Fijian thatch roof dwelling with a relaxing front porch overlooking the most pristine beach we’ve ever seen.

A few feet ahead, nested in the powder white sand, were private lounge chairs under a thatched roof umbrella. We read a novel aloud to each other as we listened to the turquoise waters crash against the shore.

Viwa Activities

The Yasawa island chain in Fiji is known for their tropical sand beaches.

What makes Viwa is special is the incredible snorkeling. We are both die hard scuba divers, and typically hate snorkeling. Viwa changed all that for us.

The water was so clear, it seemed like you could see for miles underwater. The sea was so salty that floating was a cinch and we never had an issue with our snorkel filling with water.

Right outside the shore of our bure, we would go out snorkeling along a terrific view of coral reef. A family of giant sea clams were nestled along the reef and even a sea turtle likes to hang out near the beach.

We took a private snorkeling tour with some of the staff at Viwa and we even saw… a shark!

The black tipped reef shark isn’t dangerous to humans, but it still got our hearts racing.

It was the most memorable snorkeling experience we’ve had. We even canceled our plans to scuba dive in Fiji since the private snorkeling trip was so incredible.

Additional activities that the Viwa Island Resort offers include village tours, paddleboarding, kayaking, and traditional Fijian dance and music performance.

Food and Dining

Dining at the Viwa featured local Fiji specialties and fresh seafood. The highlight of our dining experiences was a private beachside dinner.

Romance was in the air as a guitar player serenade us as the sun disappeared into the ocean.

We savored the perfectly cooked lobster.

As dusk grew, the private bonfire was lit and we stared at the crystal clear sky, trying to see who could name more constellations.

Our time at a Viwa Island Resort was a dream. If you are looking for a tropical getaway, head to Viwa for the best beaches in Fiji because not all 333 Fijian islands are created equal!

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