Cocobanana chocolate covered banana at one of the best restaurants in Sayulita.

The Absolute Ten Best Restaurants in Sayulita, Mexico

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Let’s chat about the best restaurants in Sayulita, Mexico.

Sayulita may just seem like a small surf town an hour outside of Puerto Vallarta, but this Mexican destination is serving up some surprisingly good food.

We kept talking about how there were very few bad restaurants in the small town of Sayulita. More often than not, you would find a restaurant with some knockout dishes.

A good rule of thumb is whatever food item the restaurant advertises is going to be the best. 

For instance, outside Mary’s Traditional Cuisine, in big painted letters the words “FISH TACOS” are written on the side of the building. 

We tried about six different dishes there, and which was the best? You guessed it, the fish tacos, hands down.

This was the case of many of the restaurants in town, so as long as you are ordering their signature dish, prepare to be wow’d.

We’re here to share our favorite things to order across our list of the best restaurants in Sayulita, Mexico.

Surf boards outside a pool in Sayulita.

Before You Go: What to Know About Sayulita

Sayuita is a very small town that is so easy to get to everything by foot. 

If you’re looking for a quicker method of transport, rent a golf cart!

There are numerous golf cart rental shops all across town.

Bananas and strawberries on a smoothie bowl.

We recommend bringing plenty of Mexican Pesos as many restaurants, even ones that feel more upscale, do not accept credit cards. 

If you run out of Pesos they will accept US Dollars, but typically at an unfavorable exchange rate.

It was so surprising how few restaurants accepted credit cards; if you’re running low on pesos, find some restaurants offering happy hour in order to stretch your cash even further.

The best tacos in Sayulita next to a salsa tray.

Best Tacos in Sayulita: El Itacate 

Hands down, this was our favorite taco spot.

It’s no surprise that it is also a treasured local favorite.

Our meal started with the queso fundito, which was the stringiest, stretchiest queso cheese we’ve ever encountered. 

Adorned with a fried cheese crisp on top, it was the perfect start for any cheese aficionado. 

The server brought out a variety of different sauces on a salsa tray, pickled onions, and limes, which were a great companion for the delicious cheese.

When it comes to tacos, they offer a variety of beef, pork, chicken, and seafood options. 

Be sure to order the suadero steak tacos, which is tender, flavorful beef brisket.

Burrito with a shell made of cheese in Sayulita, Mexico.

If you order the signature “El Itacate” you’ll be served up a gigantic burrito where the shell is made entirely of cheese!

It’s so tasty but be prepared to share half of it with a friend. Finishing the whole burrito wrapped in cheese would be quite the feat.

Tip: DO NOT follow the address on google maps near the plaza, head to this address insead: 

Av. Revolución 2, 63728 Sayulita, Nay. 

Shrimp in garlic butter with a lemon.

Best Sayulita Date Spot: Carbon

Carbon, you have our heart, this was our favorite restaurant in town! 

This restaurant only features outdoor dining next to their upscale charcoal grill. 

We enjoyed excellent food and great service in a somewhat less busy part of town. 

Green cocktail with a Tajin rim.

The octopus on the pulpo dish was perfectly tender and charred. 

The tuna tartare tostada was large, flavorful, and crisp. 

And the prawns were plump, sweet, and drenched in a flavorful garlic butter. Our only complaint was that our portions were so large that we didn’t have the stomach space to try even more dishes! 

We filled up on most of the appetizers, but when it comes to entrees choose from high end steaks cooked over their charcoal grill or fresh dish.

Carbon is the perfect place for a romantic meal outside the bustling town square, even though it’s just a short, five minute walk from the plaza.

North Side, C. Miramar 19, 63734 Sayulita, Nay.

Alto Alto sign at a rooftop restaurant.

Top Place for Cocktails in Sayulita: Alto Alto

This vibey, tall rooftop right in the town center was our favorite spot for cocktails.

Alto Alto’s open air restaurant offered both traditional tables and lounge-style seating which was a great option for a nightcap. 

The second floor gives amazing views of the most popular street of Sayulita, chic decor, and good vibes. 

Guava tequila cocktail on a table of a Sayulita, Mexico rooftop.

It’s the perfect spot to lounge with a craft cocktail. We loved the Sol Tropical, which was a guava-flavored tequila cocktail. 

While we only enjoyed some libations at Alto Alto, they also serve up Mediterranean food if you need a nosh to soak up all those cocktails.

Av. Revolución 33, 63728 Sayulita, Nay. 

Woman and a dog on the streets of Sayulita.

A Great Spot for Pizza: La Rustica

Looking for something to satisfy your pizza craving? La Rustica is a popular spot for wood-fired pizzas. 

Many of the pizza options feature fresh seafood, but if you are a traditionalist, try the El Ray topped with pepperoni, salami, and ham. 

The cheese was extra thick and melty, and the crust was tasty. 

Dining on the patio of La Rustica usually brings street performers trying to entertain you for tips. 

From fire dancers, to musicians performing live music, we were very entertained while eating the best pizza at home. 

If you are looking for a chill night at your casa after a long day in the sun, rest assured that they also offer carryout pizza to enjoy at home.

Av. Revolución 40C, Centro, 63734 Sayulita, Nay. 

Breakfast toast with vegetables and a poached egg in Sayulita.

Best Sayulita Breakfast: Miscelanea

We stayed at a rental right above the Miscelanea Cafe at the Casa Conchita surf shack, and we were drawn to this cafe from the smell of perfectly crisp bacon frying below us.

A lot of the breakfast shops in Sayulita specialize in light, healthy breakfast eats, such as smoothies made with fresh fruit and acai bowls.

After a night of partying with friends who were in town for a destination wedding, we needed something more substantial. 

The veggie toast was incredible. 

Delicious sourdough bread was topped with house-made pesto and goat cheese. 

Then sauteed peppers, zucchini, and carrots adorned the top. 

Add on a poached egg and you have yourself a massive, flavorful breakfast that is filling but won’t make you feel terrible prior to lounging on beach chairs on the coast.

It comes with 2 slices so it is perfect to share! We didn’t just eat here so often out of convenience, it really is one of the best places for breakfast in town with great coffee.

Av. Revolución 32a, 63728 Sayulita, Nay. 

Fish tacos from Mary's in Sayulita Mexico.

Best Fish Tacos: Mary’s Traditional Cuisine

Mary’s is a great place for a wide variety of authentic Mexican food dishes. 

We tried a variety of dishes at Mary’s since we dined with friends and all ordered different items. Some items were stellar while others were just okay. 

We really enjoyed the battered and fried fish tacos. They were light, fluffy, and served with cabbage.

Top the taco with some of their amazing sauces and you’ll be in heaven.

Another interesting menu item to order are the empanadas – they are the most massive empanadas we’ve ever seen! 

It was more like a burrito blanket filled, folded in half and deep fried, so give it a try as well.

Av. Revolución 36, 63728 Sayulita, Nay.

Al pastor tacos in Sayulita, Mexico.

Best Late Night Food: Tacos Al Pastor Tal Ivan

One of our favorite places and also the spot with some really great prices!

The gringos tacos from Tacos Al Pastor Tal Ivan start with slow roasted al pastor pork on a spinning spit. 

Meanwhile, a fresh tortilla is being pressed onto a heap of cheese that is frying on the griddle. 

The meat is shaved from the mass, and the server puts on a little show as they cut and fling a pineapple slice right into the tortilla. 

Top it with the homemade salsa, pickled onions, and escabeche that is offered next to this street cart alongside folding chairs. 

You will not be disappointed by this very affordable, mouth watering street food cart. 

They have a spot in the main square as well as another stand a few blocks away.

Calle Marlín 12, planta baja, 63734 Sayulita, Nay. 

Sushi chef preparing seven nigiri pieces at a Sayulita omakase restaurant.

Best Sushi in Sayulita: Sushi Henshin

When the fresh catch of the day meets an elevated sushi omakase menu, you have something special. 

We typically aren’t drawn to sushi in Mexico, but Sushi Henshin’s take on combining local fish from the waters of the coast with Japanese cuisine had us intrigued. 

We opted for the seven course omakase tasting and it was massive. 

Typically when you order a multi-course omakase tasting, each course is one piece of nigiri. In this instance one of the courses was SEVEN nigiri pieces. 

It started with a complementary bite of tuna tartare with truffle in a roll. 

Then we had a delightful cucumber and seaweed salad topped with a slice of sashimi. 

The second official course was a plate of 6 tempura vegetables and a tempura shrimp with a spicy tempura dipping sauce. 

The next course was a very girthy maki roll stuffed to the brim with a variety of fish, sliced into 5 slices and served. Another huge course!

At this point we were already starting to feel stuffed but the main attraction was the next course. 

Tuna sushi at a sushi restaurant in Sayulita.

Seven slices of specialty fish were served as nigiri topped with perfectly composed sauces and toppings. 

It was a delicious way to showcase both traditional sushi fish as well as some local offerings that were caught right off the coast, a few blocks from the restaurant. 

Up next was specialty Japanese A5 Wagyu, followed by a large bowl of miso soup. 

We were so incredibly stuffed we couldn’t even save stomach space for the dessert course. 

Overall the meal was a very elevated take on sushi in Mexico, which is hard to find. 

Next time we would probably order the speciality nigiri off the menu vs. committing to the full omakase experience, but if you have a big appetite, go for it!

North side, C. Miramar 13A, 63734 Sayulita, Nay.

Sayulita restautant patio with lots of plants.

Best Pasta in Sayulita: Zingaro

We are always a little suspicious of dining at a different cuisine while traveling internationally; would we actually find quality pasta while at an Italian restaurant in Mexico?! 

However we were floored by how tasty the pasta was at Zingaro

Our server let us know that the owner of the restaurant is from Northern Italy, and he flies in authentic Italian ingredients every few months. 

A number of the menu items are even old family recipes from his grandmother. 

Beet pasta in Sayulita, Mexico.

The menu features only pasta, and only about 8-9 dishes to choose from. 

They offer a 3 course or 4 course tasting menu in case you can’t make up your mind. 

This allows you to choose the pastas you want to savor, but in smaller portions and coursed out, which is the way to go to experience all the flavors that Zingaro has to offer. 

We weren’t planning on ordering the Fettuccini Verdi de Cinghiale because we thought it might be too heavy for a steamy Sayulita evening, but wow, we are so glad we did. 

This dish was our favorite. They start with a wild boar that comes from a town about 90 minutes north of Sayulita. 

Then 2 weeks of preparation begins. From marinating the meat, to braising it low and slow, the meat is tender, flavorful, and doesn’t have the gamey undertones that wild boar sometimes carries. 

We were also a big fan of the beet pasta where the pasta is made of beets, giving it a vibrant purple color, contrasting with the deep green homemade pesto. 

Zingaro offers a number of vegetarian options and even a vegan cheese sauce on a homemade ravioli. The service at Zingaro was on par with a fine dining restaurant, but the space was charming and unpretentious.

Av. Revolución 30, Centro, 63734 Sayulita, Nay.

Cocobanana chocolate covered banana at one of the best restaurants in Sayulita.

Best Dessert in Sayulita: CocoBanana

There are a number of ice cream shops all around Sayulita, but our favorite place for a sweet treat was CocoBanana.

A frozen banana is coated in chocolate and then rolled in the topping of your choice.

We ordered the coconut cocobanana and it was divine.

There is also an option for a granola-covered cocobanana as well as one coated in colorful sprinkles. 

We love how the treat doesn’t melt as fast as an ice cream, yet is still cool.

It is sweet, yet not overindulgent. 

To be completely honest, we actually had one for breakfast one humid morning!

Delfines 14, 63734 Sayulita, Nay.

Surfer on the beach in Sayulita.

If you’re looking for ways to pass the time in between meals, here are our favorite things to do in Sayulita:

  • Surf, take surf lessons, or just watch the surfers at sunset! We loved grabbing a beer at the convenience store and sitting on the beach while watching some amazingly talented surfers shred the waves.
  • Enjoy a couple’s massage at the beach – at only about 500 pesos ($25) per person for 60 minutes, how could you say no?
  • Savor craft cocktails at the rooftop pool of the Sayulinda Hotel. For 800 pesos you get a day pass at the rooftop pool complete with hanging swings and cabana beds PLUS a 500 peso beverage credit to use. 
  • Day trip to San Pancho to visit the Tierra Tropical Beach Club and Pool. The soft shell crab tacos were the best thing we ate all trip.
  • Travel to Punta Mita which is 20 minutes away and features high-end resorts with stunning golf courses and premier spas.

Sayulita, Mexico is a magical town with warm people, gorgeous ocean waves, and scrumptious food. 

We know that this guide on the best Sayulita restaurants will keep you well fed between all the adventures you’ll have.

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Chocolate covered banana on the streets of Sayulita.

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